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It has been one interesting year of a comeback from the past two years of Covid. The years 2020, and 2021 are going to go down in history for a multitude of reasons along with Covid 19. 2022, is like that awkward moment in the grocery store. You know, when you're not quite sure how much you have left on your credit card, because you ran out the crib with just a card. So, you hope that the card has a balance on it to make the purchase you are looking at on the dash of the cash register. Add to the fact that this year we have seen an increase in inflation, which has affected prices. Everywhere you go, everything is up and it's costly. One area, (which is lucky for you) and why you are on our site reading this, is that the toy market has still some great pricing. In recent years, toys and hobby enthusiasts' culture has migrated to the internet. As a result, prices in this sector are competitive with quality offerings at every tier. 


There have been some questionable things going on in the toy industry. Although prices have stayed in step with consumer interest. The area has gone through the wringer and is this year getting itself together due to logistics, aka shipping. With new exclusive manga, anime, and gaming toys taking up some attention. The influx of different toys has had a great effect, since there is a wide variety to choose from. You include regular, shmegular content like movies, TV shows, and pop culture comics, etc.; You now have many options where toys have a relevant standpoint in pop culture. Don't believe me, go to a selected cities Comic Con. You will see fandom like no other. Fans will be decked out in cosplay regalia of the favorite toy, anime, gaming, live action show. The craftsmanship, attention to detail, all tell the tale that hobbyist culture is pop culture and that includes toys.   So hence, toys are becoming the expression of choice. From video game streamers having a set that is adorned in its backdrop with toys. You get visual eye candy to ponder as you watch a person's YouTube channel. You are there for every viral minute wondering where that streamer gets that exclusive The Flash figurine all the time


We are seeing it firsthand as we research toys to have here on our shop. It's an incredible time to see fandom like this explode. Especially since person-to-person events are happening. This in addition to the explosion of streaming content, TikTok, and short for video have taken off. People want to be seen in a way that attracts, while controlling how you are seen. An interesting backdrop in your space with Toy's and the universe of hobbyist culture will turn you into a member of a huge community. A tribe of people who love to express themselves in what they acquire. I say acquire instead of buy, because collecting is part of the DNA of showing off your wares, acquiring something means you're getting these items with a purpose to do more than spend because you can. Nothing wrong with that, but some of these statues of comic heroes for instance sell for thousands of dollars.  


The sheer enjoyment of owing a Toy these days is still the reason, alongside all of the ways you can enjoy your hobby. Living off showcasing your toys is a spectacular way to have fun without feeling like a kid. So, for Christmas, our goal is to be part of the solution. You can take a look through the toy section of the site as well as the figurines. 


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